The Secret Tunnels of South Heighton

Wrenneries, etc.  Before & After 2000.

Worlds apart. Heighton Road in 1942 and 1993. The old rectory was requisitioned as a Wrennery to accommodate HMS FORWARD Wrens (WRNS) during the war, and the Nissan hut stood in its garden to provide hot food. (The Galley in the tunnel provided only hot drinks - principally Kye, a Navy thick chocolate drink that a spoon would stand in!).

Three Denton Rise properties that were requisitioned as Wrenneries during the war.

National Archives files record that the following South Heighton properties were requisitioned by the RN to accommodate Royal Marine Guards, the Old Chapel; 7, South View Terrace; Brighthaven, Denton Rise; & 2, Southdown Cottages. Leading Hand Clasby of the W/T Office lived in the Old Forge at the top of The Hollow, and several residents billeted one or more RN Sailors. Wrens for whom accommodation could not be found locally were billeted in Seaford Wrenneries (Claremont House, Hughenden House, or Surrey House), and bussed on and off watch daily as necessary.


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