The Secret Tunnels of South Heighton

By Geoffrey Ellis


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"The Secret Tunnels of South Heighton" video by Geoffrey Ellis. Duration approx 70 minutes. A Newhaven Historical Society Production. Available in VHS PAL & NTSC. Price 9.99 plus p&p (2.00 UK; 4.00 Europe; 6.50 Worldwide).

Now also available in DVD format.   Price 4.99 plus p&p (2.00 UK; 2.50 Europe; 4.00 Worldwide).

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Signed copies available from Author at no extra cost by mentioning this Web Site.

Few official records survive that concede the existence of the labyrinth of tunnels deep beneath Denton House at Newhaven. Why, when and how was it built? How big was it and what did it contain? Who worked there and what did they do? How did it operate, and for what purpose? Four years of diligent research, and interviews with military veterans revealed the answers to all these questions. This video tours the tunnels and meets some of those veterans who returned to help with this research.


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